Our Mission Statement

As a financial advisors, I invest funds for individuals, companies, associations and small institutions. I would like to be of service to you. My responsibilities include designing personalized portfolios, establishing retirement plans, starting systematic investment programs and coordinating long-term investment plans. The clients I represent seek sound investment recommendations with an emphasis on total asset management and consistent financial direction. My practice continues to grow almost exclusively through referrals.

My goals is to review your financial status, examine your current portfolio and learn your investment strategies in detail. I then focus on what you are trying to accomplish, such as retirement, college planning and improvement of your economic status. I pledge to quantify these goals and work with you to understand them. Finally, we'll develop strategies to help work toward your individual goals within your level of tolerance for risk. I recommend a regular face-to-face review to evaluate your plans, strategies and progress. My greatest satisfaction come from your financial success and the long-term relationship we develop together.

As Your Financial Consultant...

  • I promise to make an investment recommendation only after obtaining an understanding of your financial assets, personal goals, and ability to accept risk.
  • I promise to recommend only those investments which are appropriate for your circumstances.
  • I promise to be responsive to your needs and to return your phone call by the end of the following business day either personally or thorough out customer service staff.
  • I promise to be respectful of your time and will not call you or ask for your time unless it is important.
  • I promise to review your account and your circumstances with you at least once a year unless you wish otherwise.
  • I promise to maintain strict confidentiality concerning our mutual transactions.
  • I promise to stay abreast of the industry, continuing my education and expanding my expertise, to better assist you in meeting your financial goal.